Placeholder be damned.

I think I’ll go ahead and leave the placeholder post there, just for laughs. In a weird way, it saves me from an awkward first post. (Not entirely, because I haven’t the first clue what to write about, yet.)

I guess I’ll just start with “Hey.” 

Welcome to my blog. I’ll try and keep things tight and interesting here. I can’t promise one single focused topic everytime, but if you got all the way here without seeing that little disclaimer right beneath the blog name—well there’s nothing I can really do for you.:-P

I won’t have it said that my first blog post was empty of any substance, so I leave you with this:

Don’t be intimidated by the image youtube chose to use for their display—give it a listen.

Take it easy.B-)


P.S. – This video was made with nothing more than $400 bucks worth of paint, I’m told, and of course a guy who was a good enough sport to let people pour it all over him. (The effects come from running the process in reverse—showing that you don’t have to have Kanye West’s music video budget to come up with something clever.)


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