Riders on the Storm: Bounty Hunters


Reap the whirlwind.

For those who don’t know, the title of the post refers to a song by The Doors, one of my favorite groups. When I first saw SWTOR’s Bounty Hunter class update this past Friday, that song immediately came to mind. While there is some debate as to the true meaning of the song, I’ve always believed the song was about living life to its fullest, because death waits ahead. That Devil-may-care attitude seems like it fits the Bounty Hunter like a glove. This is, after all, the class in The Old Republic that lives and dies by the job.

The Doors – Riders on the Storm

Overall, this might be the most robust update BioWare has ever released. Or if not, it is pretty damn close.

This week, we got the Bounty Hunter class trailer, their class ship I’m calling  “The Mouthful” (BH specific media will come at the end of the post, and you can see the full name there), info on Mako, one of the Bounty Hunter’s companions, as well as information on the Rattataki, a playable species in SWTOR that seems a perfect fit for the BH class. Also, BioWare finally revealed the full slate of activities to expect from their booth at PAX East on March 11th-13th. That’s quite a bit of info to digest.

On top of all that, we also received information on the upcoming novel Deceived by Paul S. Kemp, which is to detail the rise of King Badass, himself: Darth Malgus. I will admit, I am looking forward to the novel nearly as much as the game, itself. Darth Malgus, in the cinematics, has certainly made his presence felt. Whether shanking a Jedi Knight in Coruscant, or one-hand dueling a Jedi Consular on Alderaan, Malgus certainly appears to be a powerful force to be reckoned with in The Old Republic. I can’t wait to smite him meet him on my Jedi Sentinel alt.

Deceived Novel Trailer

I have to say, the Bounty Hunter class trailer is easily the most polished class video that has been released. Each one, in my opinion, has been slicker than the last, but this one definitely sets a high mark for the remaining two videos to attempt to reach (Sith Inquisitor & Jedi Consular are the remaining two classes).

As you read this blog, one thing you will start to notice is, my enthusiasm typically centers around music. In this area, the trailer does not disappoint. It ebbs and flows appropriately, and it intensifies at all the right moments. The footage set to it is some of the best BioWare has released to this point, as well.

I’ll go ahead and post the video here for those who haven’t seen it.

Bounty Hunter class trailer

That thing is just sick. No lies, that video single-handidly moved the BH several notches up on my list of classes I intend to play. Before the video came out, my list looked like (from 1-5):

1.) Sith Warrior, Juggernaut spec (Race – Sith Pureblood)

2.) Imperial Agent, Sniper spec (Race – Chiss)

3.) Trooper, Vanguard spec (Race – Human or Zabrak)

4.) Female Smuggler, Gunslinger spec (Race – Twi’lek)

5.) Bounty Hunter, undecided spec (Race – Human)

After the release of this trailer, my list looks more like:

1.) Sith Warrior, Juggernaut spec (Race – Sith Pureblood)

2.) Imperial Agent, Sniper spec (Race – Chiss)

3.) Bounty Hunter, possibly Bodyguard spec (Race – Ratattaki)

4.) Trooper – Vanguard spec (Race – Human or Zabrak) 

5.) Female Smuggler, Gunslinger spec (Race – Twi’lek)

Really, it isn’t even just the video. I am liking everything I’ve seen of the class, so far. The first picture above definitely gives off an outlaw feel. In many ways, despite their similar affinity for heavy armor, guns, and tech, I feel like Bounty Hunters and Troopers are not that much alike. In fact, Bounty Hunters remind me more—at least in aesthetic feel—of Smugglers.

I mean, come on, this just screams wild west gunslinger:


Mexican standoff - Star Wars style

The connection between Bounty Hunters & Smugglers seems natural. They appear to have a lot of the same cavalier methodologies—which is a sentiment shared by another blogger, MMOGamerChick, whose “gentle insistence” is what first led me to create this blog. 😛

Having said that, have no fear if the outlaw/gunslinger look doesn’t suit your tastes. If you prefer your Bounty Hunter to look more Boba Fett than Boushh, there is something in the bag for you, too.


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger



Care to play a little "Bangkok rules?"

 The first pic looks a little bit like Cobra Commander meets Daft Punk on steroids, but the look just absolutely works. Ask that Jedi cowering right next to him.

The second pic fits a little more with the Boba Fett-style look of the archetypal Bounty Hunter. I’m not going to get into serious discussion about the color scheme (I’ll leave that to bloggers like TheClothesHorse, who do it much better), but everything comes together pretty well. (That caption, by the by, is an allusion to the film Escape from L.A. by John Carpenter.)

So overall, I think the Bounty Hunter is shaping up to be one of the more fun classes to play in The Old Republic. Especially if you love playing cavalier characters with large moral grey areas. Like I said above, this is a class that lives and dies by the job—and more often than not, so do their targets.

The voice acting for the class appears to be up to BioWare’s standard of excellence in that area (voice work is being done by Steve Blum, whose credits include Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, and Mugen from Samurai Champloo among countless others), and I look forward to seeing how the dialogue shapes up. If the video above is any indication, I expect it to be pretty savvy.

I’ll post links to all relevant information below.

If you are still struggling to find a 1st class to play when SWTOR launches, definitely don’t sleep on the Bounty Hunter. It looks like a pretty badass class to start out with.

BioWare at PAX East 2011 – The Details

Bounty Hunter Report

Deceived Novel Trailer & Info

“The Mouthful”

Biography of Mako, the Bounty Hunter’s starting companion

Inhabitants page for the Rattataki

Holonet class page for the Bounty Hunter


Here is the BH's ship on a landing pad at what appears to be Kaas City, on the planet Dromund Kaas.



The cockpit of the D-5 Mantis, decked out with state of the art guidance and tracking systems.



Rodian, target or contact?


Hoth Mantis

Here, the D-5 Mantis rests on the surface of the planet Hoth while the Bounty Hunter continues about his business.


5 thoughts on “Riders on the Storm: Bounty Hunters

  1. First of all, I want to say congratulations on the new blog! Awesome, it looks like you already have a few posts up, and I’m going to gradually make my way through them, but still, I wanted to jump in right now when I saw this and say how excited I am for the Deceived novel.

    I was even more excited, when I checked on Amazon and realized they now have a Kindle edition available for pre-order. That must have popped up just recently, because before this I had pretty much given up hope on an ebook version. I had to buy Fatal Alliance in dead tree form too, since Del Rey is funny sometimes about making their books available digitally. Even now I don’t think they have a Kindle version for FA available, which is just weird.

    Anyway, so glad for that news. Even so, I was considering getting the hardcover, if anything just to complete the set. But then Amazon delivers ebooks the day of release around midnight PST, so I should be seeing it appear on my device around 3am my time. Maybe I’ll eventually get the HC, but for now I am definitely preordering the ebook so I can start it right away and I might even go to bed early the night before so I can wake up super early to get a start on Deceived. Is that weird? 😛 Haha, I’m just so excited for the book. I hope it’ll fill us in on some of the details behind what we saw in the two trailers.

  2. Thank you, thank you. I had no idea what theme to stick to, so I just wrote and posted. The only real common theme amongst my first few posts is video games/music.lol

    I remember a digital copy of Deceived has been on your wish list for awhile, so I’m glad you are going to get it. I tell myself that I am going to look into the digital copy immediately, but chances are I’ll stick to the hard copy—at least in the beginning. The “real paper” purist in me starts pointing fingers when I don’t get a real book. Plus, I’d like to be able to pour a beverage and read it from a comfy chair without wearing down my device’s battery.XD

    It’s definitely not weird that you’re excited for a book, and especially not one based on a game which you are highly anticipating. I also hope and expect it to expound on the events in Deceived & Hope. Just those teaser chapters on the official SWTOR site were enough to get a glimpse into Malgus’s mindset right before the events of Deceived. (I also hope that the little teaser footage in the “Deceived Novel Trailer” turns out to be the making of a new trailer, and not just a snippet to advertise the book.)

    In any case, thanks for stopping by. I admit to still being a little puzzled about the blogging thing. I’m a fairly reserved person, so blogging is new territory. I’m not even sure how to advertise this thing (or if I even really want to).

    I think maybe I’ll just let people wander by on their own. I’ll keep posting shit as long as it’s fun.

  3. Haha, all right, I did add you to my blog roll though, I hope you don’t mind.

    And I haven’t read the chapters on the SWTOR site yet, saving it for myself 😀

  4. Of course I don’t mind. I’m flattered, actually. I can understand that about the teaser chapters, as well.

    I’ve only really read through the first chapter, the others were just skimmed. Just that little bit was enough to tell me this should be an excellent read, though. I can’t wait to get into Malgus’s backstory.

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