Update: Nameless No More: The “Hope” Trailer Jedi

Hope Jedi

Bring it

One of the most persistent questions floating around the The Old Republic community has finally, FINALLY, been put to rest.

The Jedi in the “Hope” cinematic trailer is, indeed, Satele Shan.

Alexander Freed, a developer at BioWare Austin, offered some clarification on what he considered “understandable confusion” as to the identity of the Hope Jedi:

There’s been a lot of (understandable) confusion about Satele Shan, so I figured I’d clarify a few points:

First, yes–Satele Shan is the Jedi depicted in the Hope trailer. When Satele originally appeared in the Threat of Peace comics, her appearance wasn’t yet final in-game. Ultimately, we’ve gone in a different visual direction for the character, and you’ll be seeing more consistent portrayals in the future. (One of the perils of releasing information–even seemingly innocuous information–so early!)

Second, regarding Satele’s age and experience–at the Battle of Alderaan, Satele is a fully trained Jedi Knight. By the time Threat of Peace rolls around, she’s had significant real-world experience and trained under several Jedi Masters, Dar’Nala included; she’s a candidate for becoming a Master herself. So she’s older than she looks… but Darth Malgus still has a few years on her!

Third, to answer this thread specifically… no, that wasn’t Tavus leading troops at the Battle of Alderaan.

Hope that helps!

This change in design was evident in the Hope trailer, which showcased Satele in a far different character design from her turn in ToP (as you can see below).


...Yeah...I can see where there might be some confusion...

All kidding aside, the most important thing is, we now have a name to put with the face. Also, if you were a big fan of the Hope Jedi’s character design (which I was), then you should be backflipping in joy (figuratively—don’t go breaking any bones or anything) right now.

Below I will post a promo pic of the newly confirmed Hope Jedi/Satele Shan for a new webcomic that is to be released this summer, as well as a link to a brief synopsis. The webcomic, called Lost Suns, follows the exploits of Satele’s son, Theron Shan, a spy for the Galactic Republic.


Yes please.

I am relieved that the confusion has been cleared. Though I’m sure it will take some time to get this information around to those who only casually follow the game, to be able to back up theories with fact is beyond sweet. (Plus, those of us who absolutely dug the design of the Hope Jedi can now rejoice that we should be seeing much more of her as new media is released.)

I am going to post some screenshots, and of course the Hope trailer, in celebration. Enjoy.


Hmm, what's going on here?


Ah, now I see where this is going.


Few people have gone head-to-head with Darth Malgus in a lightsaber duel and lived to tell about it, just ask Ven Zallow ( R.I.P.).


Where the hell did she go?


Ok, time to die---oh NO you didn't!


Oh yes she did.


What comes next I wonder?


The coup de grace a.k.a. "Force-douken"


"I gotta admit, that was pretty badass."


"I know."

Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Hope of Alderaan cinematic

2 thoughts on “Update: Nameless No More: The “Hope” Trailer Jedi

  1. LOL I saw that in the dev tracker too! Finally, the mystery is solved.

    But for some reason, instead of being satisfied with the explanation, it just bugged me. I know those comics came out a while ago, but you’d think something like the appearance of one of the most important NPCs in the game would be important enough to be considered and coordinated between all involved.

    I’m probably being silly, but stuff like this kinda irks me. Probably also because I didn’t think Threat of Peace was such a great comic to begin with either. Knowing now that the depictions of Satele in it are “inaccurate” doesn’t really help.

  2. I’ll be perfectly frank—Threat of Peace was not a good comic. It wasn’t paced properly (it went all over the place), the art left something to be desired, and overall, I just didn’t care too much about the characters (save Satele). Compare it to Blood of the Empire (which was an awesome comic), and the deficiencies become even more glaring.

    In BotE, things were executed pretty well. Maggot was one of my favorite characters, and somehow even his being willing to sell out Teneb over a really good Sabaac hand didn’t diminish him in my eyes. Teneb Kel was also a very good character, who sort of grew into a true Sith before the reader’s eyes. Exal Kressh was one of the main reasons why I chose Pureblood for my first class, ffs (that and the red skin, black hair appeals to me as a ‘skin). BotE was on another level from ToP.

    As for Satele’s appearance in ToP, I think I would feel better about it if someone did a recreation of ToP with her new character design. I’ve often considered commissioning an artist on DeviantArt to do just that—however, since the damn thing felt so disjointed to begin with, maybe it wouldn’t be worth the expense.

    My enthusiasm for this reveal comes more from my excitement to see Satele in future work, as opposed to things in which she featured before.

    Like, for instance, imagine if that Deceived Novel teaser trailer features Satele in a character design similar to Hope. That would be wicked.

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