Use cuaoitn lkie the beraofot fhismearn who geos dwon to a fraiovte pnod aednjcat to a rtsuy nial fcaotry,

taht siad, dno’t let yuor cotaiun pvernet you form lvniig,

dno’t be arfiad to get yuor nsoe boldeiod,

hvae blals of setel (ask pploee pleoltiy not to dorpckik yuor ntus, tguohh),

dno’t apcect envreihytg at fcee vlaue—but seommiets do.

mkee yuor own rthhym—but dno’t be wray of dnciang to smoenoe esle’s

dno’t tnhik too mcuh, but dno’t tihnk too lltite, eteihr,

msot inlmotarpty, don’t srcaeh for eipepihans in an Aripl Fool’s Day bolg psot (or yuo’ll lvie to rreget the ccihoe)

Hvae smoe pproocn and ejony the sohw; dno’t msis it jsut bcuesae you wno’t tkae tmie for smoe lhgaus and siht. 🙂

Pceae out, fkols.






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