I Love You, Man (But not in that way, asshole…)

I’ve been wondering these past few weeks if I’m really cut out for blogging. It isn’t that I don’t have things to say, I just don’t really have a theme–and online, where nobody can get the context of where you are coming from without clear indicators, it kind of stands out when you have no theme.

That’s why on this blog, which has no theme, you are likely to see posts about spam, random SWTOR information, and now, the subject of “Bromantic comedies”.

I recently had a chance to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the first time in ages, and I’m reminded how much I really enjoy the genre. I’m not sure what it is about it that resonates with me… Probably the realism.

Man, doesn’t that just sum it up.

When any meaningful relationship disintegrates, it seems like the first thing you do is evaluate every little thing you did to cause it to end. In the back of your mind, you’re probably even thinking if you fix this, you might be able to save it (you can’t). There is a lot of self-loathing that comes along with the end of relationships–guys feel it just as much as the girls.

Bromance flicks really show this side, even for comedic effect, very well. Let’s face it: the world just sucks for a little while after a relationship ends. I don’t mean things seem a little cloudy–things fucking SUCK. It’s just that simple.

Movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall show pretty much how guys deal with things like that. Some of it may seem pretty off-color, but everyone goes through the ugly side of a breakup differently. Some people can just let go after awhile and get back to life, while other people need to replace that person they lost with somebody, anybody. It’s really hard to pass judgement on people who do it (recovering from a breakup) one way or the other, because everyone has an ugly side–you just don’t know how ugly yours is to everyone else (because you usually don’t show that to anyone but the person you trust most).

Bromance flicks tend to show the other side of relationship issues pretty well, also.

One of my favorite flicks on the other side — the bright side — would be Serendipity. While it isn’t the greatest movie ever made, the scenes with John Cusack & Jeremy Piven (who are best friends in real life, so their chemistry really comes out onscreen) make the movie for me.

I urge you to go watch that clip on youtube. It really is a great section from a good movie.

Even though that girl who was sleeping with the guy turned out to be Sara’s sister, that whole section of the film was gold. Right from the moment where Jonathan (Cusack) tells Dean (Piven) about the book his fiance just gave him–the one they had been chasing for years–, through the awesome scene on the plane, and to the hilarious scene out in front of Sara’s house.

I think I liked the movie so much because it felt true. It felt like two buddies, going through shit, but there to support one another. That’s how (good) friends are in real life.

Bromance flicks show things from the guy’s perspective–and if you know how guys think, it can be pretty damn funny. I discussed this with a female friend once and, while she said girls offer a lot of emotional support in the aftermath of a breakup, I told her that guys usually try to get their friends moving on to other things. There isn’t necessarily a lot of hugs or ego pumping, it’s usually just “Let’s go do something else, man. Something that will get your mind off _____.” 

No two guys have the same solution. Some think the best way to deal is to sleep with anything that walks, some guys think you have to drown out the pain in an activity (both of those solutions can tie in together 😛 ).  Either way, guys are kind of there for emotional support, it’s just the words “emotional” and “support” are never uttered… Or even thought of, really.

No matter how you approach it, eventually life does go on. You get knocked on the ground, you get up, dust yourself off, and you try again. That’s all you can do.

If you’re on the other side–again, the bright side–you know that, no matter what, your buddies will always have your back. No matter what happens, how many pieces you get broken into, you know that your boys will always be there to help pick up the pieces. They may light you up a bit for being a bit of a pansy (just a little), but they’ll be there.

Bromance flicks really show that off, and in a hilarious way. Even a refreshing way.

Let’s be real, you don’t always need a hug, or a solution–sometimes you just need someone to be there to say “When life hands you lemons, say “Fuck the lemons!” and bail.”

So anyway, cheers to a genre of films that I am only just now beginning to truly appreciate. Thanks for making the agony, and triumph, of relationships hilarious as hell. Also, thanks for showing that guys do actually have some heart.

*ahem* Ok, now I’m going to go outside and throw a damn football around and work with some drills or something.


4 thoughts on “I Love You, Man (But not in that way, asshole…)

  1. Have you seen City Slickers? Granted, I’m no expert on the genre, but that to me is the greatest bromance movie ever. They don’t make movies like that anymore…

  2. City Slickers definitely walked the line between a “buddy comedy” and a “bromance”; I might just say bromance because every single plotline in the film dealt with a relationship issue, and there was definitely a bromantic vibe between Mitch and Curly.lol

    I agree that they don’t make movies like that anymore, which is unfortunate. There hasn’t been a brilliant comedy in a long time. There have been some good ones, but nothing that approaches some of the comedy films of the late 80’s, early 90’s.

  3. Lmao brilliant comedy? HELLO, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS! I think that movie and “I love you man” share one thread when it comes to a bromance. Sometimes you can have things going your way in life, good girl, good job, and everything in life can be BLAH as fuck.

    Look at Dale in Pineapple Express, he’s a process servant, who smokes weed all day, and dates a high schooler age 18. But how many friends does this guy have? Where’s he going in life? No where, then the moment he actually gets a little buddy buddy with his dealer, his whole life goes to shit, and then to roses again through the sheer power of being a good friend in the end and not worrying about everything else.

    Same with i love you man, a weird, awkward, bromance that starts for a guy who literally has no friends, and everything else in the world going for him, OR DOES HE!?

    For what it’s worth, in this big aimless blog going nowhere, everything you talk about reminds me of some random shit i heard in my guild vent once upon a time, only 1,000x’s more intelligent.

    Sometimes, my life is like one big bromance, never ending mmoness, and then rowdy ragtag group of underachievers who travel that road with me, spewing nonsense and laughing at the good times and avoiding life at a certain point. IF it werent for that, and “all that emotional support” from my gaming community, i wouldn’t be able to seize life like i do now…..

    And for the record, i HATE Forgetting Sarah Marshall because i used to watch that movie like religion with my ex-gf, whom i NEVER thought the damn movie would remind me of in the first place, and thens he put me through that so bad that now i can’t bear to watch the movie because i’ve seen EVERYTHING in it happen irl.

  4. “For what it’s worth, in this big aimless blog going nowhere, everything you talk about reminds me of some random shit i heard in my guild vent once upon a time, only 1,000x’s more intelligent.”

    Lol, thanks… I think. 😛

    But this blog hasn’t lived up to its mission statement, yet. I haven’t had the time to really go into my other interests that would swerve it in a strange direction — like psychology, eastern philosophy, history, and the importance of visual media to the evolution of the emotional growth of modern society… Though this article is a step in the right direction.

    Pineapple Express is a pretty good movie, I’ll admit. James Franco is one of my favorite actors all the way back to his Freaks & Geeks days. Putting him together with Seth Rogen was a good move. I suppose I should have said very few non-Judd Apatow movies can measure up to the 90’s.lol

    Jason Segel — another Apatow alum, funny enough — was one of the reasons I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. If you experienced anything like what Peter (Segel) did in that film, I certainly can’t blame you for hating it. The self-loathing in that film was pretty cringe worthy, if you’ve ever gone through anything similar.

    Thankfully, what I went through was not quite as severe as Peter’s 5-year relationship that suddenly split in half like the Titanic — therefore, it is still one of my favorite films. 🙂

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