Beloved, never avenge yourselves

-but leave it to my wrath, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”

Alright alright, so it was God who said that, but I think it is an apt quotation now that I’ve seen my (at least PvP) AC path in SWTOR.

Say hello to your friendly neighborhood Vengeance Juggernaut.


Chooser of the living, chooser of the slain

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock with your fingers plugging your ears going “lalalalala”, then you know that today’s Friday Update for Star Wars: The Old Republic included a sneak peek at a new comic upcoming called The Lost Suns (which incited a particularly satisfying display of QQ rage), a few tidbits of what can be expected from SWTOR at E3, and finally, an update to the Advanced Classes page on the official site.

While the first two pieces of the update were not without their merits, even if people didn’t all see them (Eternity Vault? Try and convince me this is not going to be the first raid shown in the game.), the AC update, understandably, took center stage.

I’ve never seen so many nerdragers backpedal so quickly. It was beautiful. BioWare deserves a bully for such a well-played match.

This may be the first really tangible material that players can use to plan the first stages of their game time experiences. Many of us had an idea what class we would play, and some even may have felt certain they knew which AC they were destined for, but this is the first time we, as players, have been given a glimpse of the various ability trees we can dive into in order to make our characters our own.

*Go to the Advanced Classes page and select the Sith Warrior-Juggernaut. Now, read the tooltip for the Vengeance ability “Unstoppable”. Combine that with an ability Georg Zoeller mentioned that changes your Force Choke from a castable ability into an instant cast, and you have a recipe for a “CK” (caster killer), which should explain at least part of my excitement.

As launch — seemingly — draws closer, I find myself thinking about things in real time. I’ll look at a video of Tatooine and think, “As soon as I get to Tatooine, I’ll have to go to that canyon.” I do the same thing when I see videos of PvP, crafting, even dancing.

My excitement, which, honestly, had been dimming a bit, now has come back in full force.

I look forward to the day when my toon, which I crafted to my specifications, can get moving on his/her journey.

If updates like this are any indication, I think that day may not be so far off.

Whatever class you intend to play, my hope is this update did for you what it did for me — provided real substance to help you on your path to your preferred AC.

P.S. – This video has nothing to do with the update, I just felt like posting it. 😛


4 thoughts on “Beloved, never avenge yourselves

  1. E3 is going to be great this year. As we get closer to the release date, I think things are going to start to feel more “real”.

    The Lost Suns, I will definitely be reading that. I was surprised the reaction to it as one of the updates today was so negative…last I checked, I thought people were intrigued about Satele Shan’s “secret son” and wondering what that was all about. And here, we have a name of the man and a story to go with it…what’s not to love?

    I’m still torn as to which direction to take my Bounty Hunter. I want to be able to do something other than DPS, but which would that be, tank or heals? Hmm…

    And lol, what a random video.

  2. My guess is, people aren’t necessarily pissed about the comic, itself. Probably, they are more pissed because it was not a release date — which is a pretty pointless thing to get angry about because BioWare never, ever, ever ever ever, promised one would be coming today, or on any Friday Update.

    I see this every week, and more prominently every Friday. Too many QQers come on to complain, when they could be doing something else. Play checkers, write something, do some chores, play another video game, walk the dog, feed the cat, go outside and throw a football around for f*cks sake — I wish for them that they could do something but sit at a computer and stew over something that they can’t change, and that they have no earthly reason to be bitter about in the first place. It isn’t as if BioWare ever promised that a release date would be coming on a future Friday update.

    On the bright side, it looks like the avalanche of updates isn’t over. I just noticed Darth Hater has links to a Gamespot interview, with a video to boot. 🙂

  3. Tell you what, 7 days later, i know my Smuggler will be a dpsing fool as a Sharpshooter, but how will i utilize the Sawbones for pvp tactics and how many will the Sharpshooter retain? My Trooper……i thought commando, but i wonder just how much of a difference his pure dps, or the utility of being a Vanguard can bring to the table. The same goes all across the board from Bounty Hunter to Jedi/Sith.

    I can ENVISION utility from the tank, but i can’t figure for the life of me how it will fit into the scheme of the difference between a dpsing tank with nice manuevers for specific situations and whether the dps aspect of being a pure dpser will affect the damage. The ONLY class i’m for sure will be my pet class, my dirty little secret favorite, stands to be the Agent.

    They’re the only ones i’ve seen, speculated, and read about who don’t tank, they don’t heal, (as far as i know) but they have the ultimate edge from a pvp, stealth, Sniping, mines, actual set up, they remind me alot of rogues from the way you have to have everything in place, right there perfect, now THAT sounds sexy.

    ….But who’re my companions going to be? What to craft, what’s the ship differences, it’s very tough to even SPECULATE about because i could easily see myself playing pure dps, but i can also see the utility in all classes and find myself wanting to be a Trooper Medic, A Run and Gun Sharpshooter, a Living Jedi Tank who came to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and is ALL out of gum, or better yet, a Shadow or Sith Assassin who showed up to tank using more force powers and cunning than brute force and taunts.

    I think i’m most excited by the Bounty Hunter, but the more i see of the other classes, i feel like there’s just so many other ways to skin that cat….and i want to see which one works the best for me :).

    I’m happy you’ve LOOOOONG AGOOOO decided you were going to be the Crazy Juggernaut i see charging everything in sight, but i’m hhoping for my money, there’s space for Pure Wisdom and Craftiness to take over for a Smuggler/Agent bursty rogue type like myself. Not that i dont love and respect power…i just get a sense Jedi/Sith will have so many more tools at their disposal than the Heavy Armored classes, i COULD be wrong though…..and EVEN THEN, oiiy then what, then what play them all :(? YAARRRGGGGG!!

  4. Welcome to my humble blog, Travis. 🙂

    The more I see of classes in SWTOR, the more I struggle to find any classes that won’t have a great deal of utility. Even my choice, the Juggernaut, seems to have some utility in that there will be a shared tree between ACs that could go a long way toward allowing you to be flexible with your talent builds. For instance, if it is possible, I intend to sink talent points specifically to become a “CK” (caster killer). Therefore, if I have to make any sacrifices with my talent choices, I’ll always choose things in favor of tactical advantages over clothy casters like Inquisitors, or ranged attackers like Snipers, over things that favor fighting against melee combatants. That means I’ll take talents that help me close the gap quickest, like anything that increases the range/decreases the cd on my Force Charge, anything that might increase my Force Choke range, etc.

    The above was my thoughts on a dps specced Jugg — for my Vengeance Jugg, I intend to go all out to make him the optimum PvP tank. I want anything that increases my armor value, or avoidance, all on top of my CCs and regen stuff (if there are any regen talents). Basically, if I’m going to be taking 50% of my Guard target’s damage, I want to be stout enough that the dpsers have to look at me and go “Get him.”, to which I will reply “Bring it, bitches.”

    From everything I’ve heard, this game looks like it will have an abundance of distractions. I could even see myself losing time to the Space Combat. If BioWare does eventually implement Pazaak and Dejarik, right there will be more time I’ll lose — to cantinas.

    BioWare may not have all that stuff in for launch, but I doubt they (cantina games, expanded Space Combat) will be far behind. Maybe within the first few patches.

    The buzz is, if you love rogues (by the way, former rogue here, so *respect knuckles*) then classes like Operative IA and Sith Assassin will feel very familiar to you. Both classes seem to deal in heavy melee damage from stealth. I doubt your role will entirely be in melee like a rogue’s would be, but more than likely 60% of your shenanigans will come from melee range attacks. Don’t quote me on that percentage, by the way. It’s just my guess.

    Like I said, I think there will be enough variety in classes that no one class is going to pwn everything that stands in its path. Troopers look to have ways to deal with Sith Warriors, just like Sith Warriors have ways to deal with Smugglers, like Smugglers have ways to deal with Bounty Hunters, and so on. I think the playing field will be level enough that skill may wind up being the deciding factor. Everyone who has played the PvP game, and talked about it, have raved about how the fights allow you to be more tactical than other MMOs where the fights were over before you ever had a chance to formulate any strategies.

    I’m sure you’ll get your “wisdom and craftiness”; but don’t expect us “heavy armored” types to be lax on tactics — we’ll just have a different set of tactics.

    For instance, don’t roll an Imperial Agent and set up shop on a balcony thinking you can potshot me without consequences — I have moves (Force Charge) that I can use to retort your assumption… to the face. 😛

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