I am the Collector, and I am here to collect.

I distinctly recall telling my best bud the other day that my next article on this blog would not be about SWTOR. However, today marks an important day in my three year wait for one of the most anticipated MMOs in the known universe.

Today, I officially pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Though I did share many of the same concerns with it as another blogger friend MMOGC (and I didn’t particularly love BioWare for not including an artbook with the CE package), sentimentality won me over. As I said, I’ve been following this game for years, and when I weighed the pluses and minuses of getting the CE, I decided I wanted to be able to say I purchased the best of the best package for this game.

And what a package it is, too.


Like I said above, I’m not thrilled that an artbook was not included in the CE, because that is one of the most appealing aspects of these editions. However, EA did — damn it — make a very smart move by selling the artbook separately. It’s not even a question for me if I’ll buy the artbook on its own. I’m already chalking it up as just an extra expense — but one that is seemingly well worth it, considering the quality of artwork that has come out of BioWare during this game’s development.

The rest of the package contains enough goodies to make it worth my money, in my own personal opinion. The metal case looks very nicely detailed, classy (much more so than a cardboard case), and should look very nice on a shelf.  Plus, I’m certain I can find uses for the other non-digital goodies that come with the CE.

I’ve always been a fan of history, history books, memorandums and journals, so the Journal of Master Gnost-Dural sounded more and more like something I could enjoy. Especially considering how well-presented BioWare tends to make their lore-themed goodies.

The statue is something a bit different. I don’t have a Star Wars-themed man cave, or anything of the sort. Most of my knickknacks and decorative pieces have a Native American feel to them, so there is a certain concern that a giant Sith Lord might stick out like a bruised thumb with a wart on it (I know, ew). That said, I’ve never been afraid to add something crazy to shake up the normalcy (just ask my friends if they remember when I shaved my head, or my dread-braids teens [DO NOT ASK]). Besides, if nothing else having Malgus there might give me a reason to share the humorous story of the time I nearly went batshit crazy waiting for a damn video game to release.

The galaxy map is something else, entirely. I’m not sure if I will ever use it. But once again, sentimentality DEMANDS that I have it — just so I can say that I do, and nothing more. Think about it like a movie poster you have from back when. You may never hang it up, but you can at least say you have it.

I must confess, the digital goodies are the real selling point of this CE. That is the main reason why I strongly considered buying the Digital Deluxe Edition of SWTOR, instead of the CE. The DDE has all the digital goodies of the CE (minus two), but none of the hard copy treats.

Included among the digital goodies within the CE are:

A Flare Gun. Which brings to mind visions of the Hope trailer.

A training droid. Where would Luke have been without this bad boy?

A holodancer. (I can already imagine setting up this thing and /dancing with it during those boring Op/flashpoint lulls.

A holocam. If this functions like what I am envisioning, this could be a brilliant way of making ingame tools to help the video editing fiends out there make their own SWTOR films.

The Stap, an exclusive mount only available in the CE & DDE copies of the game (which kind of reminds me of a souped up, army-fied version of Dr. Robotnik's vehicle.).

A mouse droid, one of the two items that are only available in the Collector's Edition of the game. I mean, come on, look at how wicked that thing is -- It's like having your own personal mechanical floor sweeper.

Finally, an exclusive in-game store, the second of the two CE-only items. This one brings to mind a million little questions, but I like what it implies. So long as the items are mostly cosmetic, I could see this being a wicked idea (not that I have to worry about it anyway -- I bought the CE.). 😛

I don’t necessarily see the two CE-only digital goodies being strong enough to suggest buying the CE on their own. But if someone were to ask me, I would say, “Buy the CE — if you want something substantial to memorialize the 3+ years of agony most of us have suffered waiting for this game to release.”

If you’ve waited breathlessly on the official site for every trickle of info-

-If you’ve waded through pages and pages, sites and sites, articles and articles, sifting through every shred of info on this game that you could find-

-If you’ve hung in there while others have fallen off the wagon, trusting that some day soon you would have the game in your hands-

-If you’ve done any of those things, buy the CE.

I’ve come to think of it as a tribute. A tribute to the patience I never knew I had. A tribute to the new friends I would have never met without this long wait. Hell, I even look at it as a tribute to personally witnessing the epicness of gamer bitching (some have spent the last three years bitching non-stop, yet they still go back to read and watch anything they could find on SWTOR).

When I made the decision to shell out $150 bucks for the CE, I didn’t do it lightly. I contemplated, considered all options, reconsidered all options, and finally came to realize that it just meant enough to me to have a hard copy of the game to serve as a reminder of all the time I’ve invested in following a video game. I’ve never followed one for as long, or as fervently, as SWTOR. I may never do it again. But at least the CE will always be there on my shelf to remind me that even I fell victim to the tireless waiting that a gamer feels when they try to dig deep for patience while a title is still in development.

I’m looking forward to the day this CE arrives at my house and I sign for it. Since I’m now registered for the testing, the day it arrives may not be the first time I’ll see the game. But having the hard copy in my hands, opening the metal case, leafing through Master Gnost-Dural’s journal, and finding a place to put it on my shelf, makes me feel a little triumphant. I’m not sure why, but it does.

However everyone else decides to purchase this game, I look forward to the day when we all are in-game.

Just think, this time next year, the agonizingly long three year wait for SWTOR will just be a memory.

On that day, I’mma look at my Malgus statue next to my stomp dance gourd and shrug with a contented sigh… You know, right before I jump into another warzone and claim some Jedi bears.


3 thoughts on “I am the Collector, and I am here to collect.

  1. Thanks for the pics, I hadn’t really looked at them.

    I do think the CE store is kind of a clever inclusion, it’s a gift that can keep on giving if you know what I mean. I can’t imagine the goodies that await me (my husband ended up gifting me the boxed CE code, btw, and he took my digital deluxe code, haha)! From Stephen Reid’s comments at SDCC, it seems items will be cosmetic, so that’s good to know. Also it will sell gear, but will be on par with gear you can buy on other vendors, just with cosmetic differences. I just can’t help but think how fantastic this will be for roleplayers.

  2. Lol, that’s a pretty sweet way of getting your cake and eating it, too (getting both the DDE & CE). 🙂

    I do see the in-game store being big for rpers, same as you. Rpers aren’t necessarily concerned with having the uber l337 gear, they just want something to differentiate their character from the crowd. Something like the arms found in the CE store, which are on-par with, not necessarily above, any pieces of a given level, would be huge. It gives an rp-minded player a chance to not gimp themselves while they try to make their characters unique.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll make good use of it when I’m in-game. I dig making my characters stand out, same as most rpers.

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