I May Not Know Art, But…

So today, I happened to stroll by the forums of a favorite SWTOR fansite of mine called TOROcast, not expecting to find much. Maybe an odd tidbit about what is coming out of PAX Prime, which is due to begin today and run through Sunday in Seattle. But seeing as how Gamescom ended recently, I wasn’t expecting too much on the SWTOR front today (BioWare is likely going to hold off on revealing the juicier bits until their hour-long presentation on Sunday). However, I certainly did not expect to hit up the forums and see — to my utter joy — a topic reading:

Amazon: The Art of TOR

It’s things like this that give me hope that SWTOR‘s release is not far off in the distance…

As some of you know, I recently purchased the Collector’s Edition of Star Wars: The Old Republic, for a cool sum of money which shall remain unsaid as a matter of good taste. Suffice to say, it cost a shitload of money (taste be damned).  In the weeks since that purchase, I have not suffered any buyer’s remorse (I purchased it outright — no pay on the day of for me). In fact, I feel confident in saying I’m still pleased with my purchase. However, the above topic brought back the one glaring omission my CE is missing: an art book.

Darth Malgus: Hey you... Over there. Yes, you.

Everytime I see this image, the above caption is what I always think of first.

As you can see, Amazon is now beginning to take pre-orders for this art book, set to be released on November 2, 2011 (though this may just be a placeholder date). The cover features King Badass Darth Malgus doing his best Napoleon Bonaparte pose, leading the armies of the Sith onto the battlefield against, presumably, the forces of the Galactic Republic. There are no other images beyond this one to give a sneak peek at the contents within the book. However, seeing this cover, with the title “The Art And Making Of Star Wars: The Old Republic” boldly emblazoned in familiar gold lettering, leaves me with a very sweet taste in my mouth. Very sweet.

Lil Nippy

Napoleon: See. See Malgus. I can do it, too. Hey you. Over there.

Of all the items that I could have lamented being left out of the CE, the art book sits right at the top of the list. Most CE’s these days, as I understand it, include the art book as almost a prerequisite. When that proved not to be the case with SWTOR, I was sad. It didn’t prevent me from snatching up the CE in two seconds, but it did leave me feeling like something was missing. I always knew when the art book was eventually released, I would buy it. No questions asked.

Really, why wouldn’t I? SWTOR features some of the most breathtaking artwork I’ve seen for a video game in some time.

The trees on Voss look gnarly, and narly, as hell.

If Mos Eisley was the most "wretched hive of scum and villainy", I wonder what Obi-wan would have had to say about the "Smuggler's Moon" -- SWTOR's answer to Amsterdam & Las Vegas?

Taris is one of the worlds I am most looking forward to revisiting, 300 years after Darth Malak wtfpwned it into near-oblivion.

As a future Sith Warrior, I imagine Dromund Kaas will find a nice warm place in my cold, calculating Sith heart.

Corellia is a bit of an enigma for me. I know very little about it, but it is one of the worlds I am most looking forward to visiting. Every piece of artwork I've seen of this world has only fed the hunger.

The artwork for the game is just phenomenal. Really, BioWare has some of the most talented people working on this game.

If you have ever found yourself blown away by the art coming out of BioWare throughout this game’s development, I would suggest picking up a copy of this art book. According to the product description on the Amazon page, this baby is set to have 300 full color illustrations, in the form of interviews, character sketches, as well as weapon, starship, and world artwork.

It would not be hyperbole for me to say the art book for SWTOR is a first day purchase for me; the only real question is, do I want to pre-order it, or do I want to wait until the day it is released and just pick it up from a local bookstore?

Decisions, decisions…


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