Faceless in a Land of Glamour

Cheeky title, eh?

This is going to be one of those posts that’s a little more off-the-cuff than I usually do – but I’ll let hindsight point out the things I regret saying (if there are any).

Despite the fact that I’ve had this blog for months now, there are still times when I struggle to decide what it is I want to say, if I want to say something, and how to present it. I guess that’s not terribly strange, considering the fact that I am probably the most secretive person I know – in real life, or online.

How the hell does someone who values privacy function online? I’ve often asked myself that question. In fact, I’ve often wondered if I should just delete this blog from the face of the internet, entirely. Its not as if I would be leaving hundreds of readers disappointed. Most of my page views come from a picture of a bottle of Louis XIII cognac. Granted, it is a sexy, sexy looking bottle, but what does that say about the rest of this blog?

Ok, now I should point out, I smiled all through that last paragraph.

Why? Probably because I take pains NOT to advertise this site.

Facebook? No (aside from some friends who have posted something I wrote – props to the coolest Aussie I know).

Twitter? I haven’t used my twitter account in close to a year.

Take your pick of every other form of social online gathering places – you won’t find any ads for TheLabyrinthineJar, nor any posts urging anyone to visit.ย I don’t think that is because I dislike talking to people – I’ve met some of my favorite people online. Sometimes, I think it is just my own personal need to keep things private that fuels my desire to stay hidden.

Trust me, I’m not like that in real life. I’ve often been called a “bastard” (though lovingly – props to you Daleous, my great Viking friend), and I think more than one person might even describe me as a bit arrogant (only a bit – assholes). But I am also a wise-cracking guy, and I try hard to be sincere, and I think that allows people to tolerate me. ๐Ÿ˜›

But I am far from that online.

So why do I have a blog?

I’ve asked myself that more times than I can count.

Sitting here now, listening to Tula from Cusco, I think maybe I keep this blog just to satisfy my need to write. Whether the topic is about SWTOR, films, music in video games, D&D, or what have you, I enjoy writing just to write.

No kidding.

When I think back on this blog’s fairly recent history, I believe my greatest accomplishment has been making “tl;dr” a viable title for this site (I’ve been thinking of changing this blog’s mission statement to something that highlights that fact).

I think in the future I may post excerpts of some writing projects I’ve been working on here. I may even expand on the little summary I wrote for one of my D&D articles I wrote a while ago, just for fun.

Just one warning: leave all preconceptions at the door.

I am not a horror fiction writer, a fantasy writer, or even a political writer — I am a writer… I don’t limit myself to one genre, nor could I for fear of insanity.

I will be careful to add an appropriate rating if the story contains extreme use of expletives (this is almost a certainty), if the themes are a bit much (this tends to happen sometimes – blame it on Lovecraft), or if the violence contained within is a bit graphic (this, not so much).

Just like anything else on here, don’t expect a theme. I may post horror, and next post a somewhat sappy romanticized piece of work. It all depends on how the cookie crumbles.

For now, since I brought up Cusco, I guess the only fitting thing to do is post it up.

Take a listen, and enjoy. Peace out.


2 thoughts on “Faceless in a Land of Glamour

  1. I’m pretty private too, even though yes I have a blog and a twitter account. But I try to keep my online MMOGC persona separate from my real life. Hence no linking on Facebook for me either (even though I do have a profile) and I had a Google+ account until they banned it for using a pseudonym. Until they let websites/blogs have G+ accounts, no thanks.

    Aside from twitter, I don’t think I “advertise” my blog anywhere. My readership’s just mostly grown through the blogosphere network and me checking out other blogs and commenting.

  2. I notice you tend not to get too personal – which is probably one of the reasons I first visited your site (friendly, entertaining correspondence, anonymous). Your commentary was always interesting, and I just dug what you had to say, as well. I think I stumbled onto your blog once while randomly searching for SWTOR info through Google, so I absolutely believe you when it comes to just growing through word of mouth.

    But, for what it’s worth, I’m glad I did stumble onto it.

    None of my comments were inferred at anyone but myself, though. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like I said, I’ve asked myself more than once ‘Why do you have a blog, again?’ Like it is a tantalizing mystery. I suppose if I had a central theme to write about, it would make more sense. Like if I wrote a political blog, or an art blog, etc. My blog is just sort of… amorphous. It just… Is… And for someone like me – an inquisitive person, by nature – I’m always looking out to see if I happen to stumble upon a theme by accident or something.lol

    Take the above post. This blog entry is really just a lengthy, rambling message that could be summed up in one succinct sentence – “I don’t know why I have this blog, except that I do.” ๐Ÿ˜›

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