Twas a Few Nights Before Christmas, When All Through The House…

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

Though I did not sleep, oh perish the thought,

I smiled, admiring fondly the lightsaber I just bought;

It hummed like an engine, purring with glee,

For soon the red, running blood of Jedi it would see;

I called to my companion, her lekku flowing care-free,

Vette, get back to the ship and make a piece of armor or three;

I cannot go with you, Vette, you must travel alone,

For there are hordes of ‘pubs on tonight that I must pwn;

Suddenly, what is this interruption I hear,

Why, it is the sound of my loved ones speaking in my ear;

“It’s time for bed, you’ve hogged the computer long enough, damn it!” they shouted with cheer,

“Fuck out my face – I still have to finish this quest chain on Ilum!” I responded to those I held dear;

So they acquiesced and left me to play,

Going back to bed, turning around just long enough to say – “Oh for fuck’s sake! Fine! Keep playing for all I care!”;

So I continued my blood bath, and smiled in delight,

Merry Christmas to all – I said as I stabbed a Jedi in the neck -, and to all a goodnight!


Mele Kalikimaka, bitches...


As if you couldn’t guess what this post is about, a funny thing happened to me on my way to the office today –  I found out something awesome about a game I’ve been following for several years *cough*SWTOR*cough*. I won’t tell you which game -*hack*SWTOR*cough*- it is, but I will-*cough*SWTOR*wheeze*-allow you to-SWTOR-watch this video to see which game I mean.

Pay very close attention to the last 9 seconds of the video (1:55-2:04).



Did you see what I saw? You know you did.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. After 5 long years, after weeks, months, years of anticipation, the day has finally arrived:

Star Wars: The Old Republic – FINALLY – has a release date.

The Force Will – officially – Be With Us on December 20, 2011 (December 22, for the EU).

As I sit here typing this, the news is no longer fresh. I am several hours removed from learning about this for the first time, and that has given me enough breathing room to really take all this in.

That said, the excitement hasn’t worn off; not one damn bit.

People, almost 4 years; I’ve been waiting for this game for almost 4 years… Some people have been waiting for longer than that – all the way back when all we knew was that BioWare was making A MMO; no details about what that MMO would be, just that they were making one.

For me, for those people, this is like V-J Day (but not nearly as significant – R.I.P. Grandpa, and all the other vets from the greatest generation). This is the day we always hoped would arrive, but probably, somewhere in the back of our minds where we chased the thought to, wondered if it ever would come.

There’s only one thing to do now.

No commentary, no nitpicking, no over-analyzing.

The only fitting thing to do at a time like this is: CELEBRATE – and get ready.

December 20, folks; that gives you three months.

Plan those vacations.

Get your holiday situation in order. Start cataloguing all the acceptable excuses you can feed your family to explain your sudden absences while you steal away to the computer to play a little more SWTOR;

If you haven’t pre-ordered, DO IT! DO NOT DELAY! SWTOR‘s launch is staggered, folks (that means there is a limit to how many they will let in before they close the gates).

Don’t be caught on the outside looking in while we are all inside enjoying the wonders of Hoth & Tatooine.

Be next to us while we duel by the Sarlacc and try to knock each other in.

Other than that, it’s time to celebrate all things Star Wars, baby. Get up, get busy, get moving, whatever your voodoo, do that voodoo that you do so well, or get left behind.

May the Force be with you all!


(Sorry folks, I cringe everytime I see Hayden Christensen in that celebration – so I posted one that cut off beforehand. I’ll post the full music below.)











(Props to a friend for sending the two kitten links.)






(Seriously, lightsabers make EVERYTHING better.)


Best. Parody. Ever.



No words are necessary, really.



What?... She's a FAN of Star Wars...



Aw, I love it, guys! Put it in the hallway!



Um... Force Kick?...



Looks like there are lots of athletes all around the world that still have their arms in their sockets.



Can I getta "Amen"?



Han & Lando - Kings among men.



Before there was Cartman, there was Jabba (and before there were thousands of girls every con wearing this costume, there was Carrie Fisher, melting our movie screens).



No offense to Bib, but I'm kind of relieved that he is just the hideous exception, and not the rule, of the Twi'lek male gender.


And one more for the road.

Arguably, the most iconic sound in film history.



See you all in a galaxy far, far away this December.



5 thoughts on “Twas a Few Nights Before Christmas, When All Through The House…

  1. AHHHHH your enthusiasm is contagious! I can literally feel your excitement oozing from every single word, video and image. It’s been many long years and the end is finally in sight! The wait is coming to an end!

    Love the poem for the intro, btw, reminded of a funny quote I read on twitter from someone I follow today. It was something like: “Guess what I’m getting for X-Mas…a divorce! #SWTOR” I just found that hilarious.

  2. Lol, that was a good one (the tweet). Apparently, December got even more interesting for a lot of people. I remember another guy on the forums who said, paraphrasing, “Christmas is supposed to be for family… I just hope they’ll forgive me when I ditch them to play SWTOR.” 😛

    Thanks about the poem. It’s the first thing that came to mind when I opened up the new post page.

    It still feels strange to think, after years of waiting, we’re all just a few months away from having SWTOR in our hands. Having a date to point to on a calendar makes all the difference in the world. No joke. There were so many times I thought maybe I should just forget about it and put it out of my mind; nevertheless, I always found myself reading up on the Friday Updates, listening to SWTOR podcasts, and keeping up with all the latest news. Now, I’m glad I stuck it out; I don’t know if this would feel as satisfying if not for that long wait.

    As they say, “food tastes better when you’re hungry.”; I’ve been starving these past 2+

    I noticed your tweet a moment ago (about complainers). Honestly, they aggravate me a little, too. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I guess that’s just how people are, in the end.

    If you gave a million people a diamond, I’m sure more than one person would find some flaw to pick at, incessantly. (“It’s cloudy.”; “I like rubies better.”; “You’re giving this to me out of charity, aren’t you? I don’t need your diamond!”, etc.)

  3. “I don’t know if this would feel as satisfying if not for that long wait.”

    It’s refreshing to read something like that!

    Honestly, my tweet was a response to another blog I had read. The negativity is worse than some of what you see on the general forums, believe it or not. The author had been complaining about the lack of news on the release date for months (and in a nasty way too), and I thought I’d finally see a happy post from him. No such luck. The complaints weren’t even the usual about having no time to play during the holidays, it was more overblown rhetoric about losing trust and faith in BioWare (like, huh?) Anyway, it just made me remember again some people can never be happy.

  4. I know you said no more nitpicking but it hasn’t been a 3 or 4 or 5 year wait. I didn’t know about this game until I saw the “Deceived” trailer which was released at E3 of 2009 which was in June of that year. And you didn’t know about that game until I showed that trailer to ya 😛
    Yup it’s my fault swtor is the topic of his blog so much…
    You’re welcome.
    About two more months everyone, just don’t do anything that threatens your internet connection or will land you in jail.

  5. Daleous, you son of a bitch. 😛

    It has certainly felt like decades, though I will admit 2 1/2 years is more accurate (I joined almost immediately after seeing that trailer).lol I don’t get around to the official site much these days. It’s like Shawshank State Prison, and I’m out. I don’t want back in.

    I haven’t posted on this blog in a month, and an update is long overdue. Maybe I’ll post my thoughts on Mists of Pandaria later – or else I’ll post about better days gone by in that MMO that holds some good memories for me.

    I second the suggestion not to do anything that might hinder your ability to play this game. Because while my wait has been almost 3 years, there are people who have literally been waiting several years longer (since BioWare announced they were just making an MMO).

    Come December, I expect all of you to do your part in pwning the Republic masses.

    See you in Alderaan… Or on the Voidstar… Or on the Huttball field. 🙂

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