So… Funny thing happened to me on my way to an Imperial base on Corellia today.




Doctor Lokin: "Does it feel like something has changed to you, too, Bal?"

* * *

As big moments in life go, this is merely a trickle. But as gaming goes, reaching cap is a pretty big deal. It is cause for celebration (you could even say it demands one).

It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago that I was jonesing for this game hard. Even wondering – somewhere in the back of my mind – if it would EVER come out.

Today, I have reached the mountaintop.

As I look down at all the tiny flecks that are, in fact, people, I take this moment to reflect.

With my head swimming in the clouds, I wish you all well.

May your individual journeys to this mountaintop be as eventful, as entertaining, and as enjoyable as mine was. Take care all.


* * *

Since this is a celebratory moment, it only seems appropriate:


2 thoughts on “Ding

  1. Thanks for the congrats. 🙂 Life waits for no one, so no need to explain about being busy. Between SWTOR, life, life, reading, writing, life – and did I mention “life” – there hardly seems enough time these days on my end, so I can only imagine how it must be on yours. Even as sparsely as I, personally, updated before, I am getting more lax as time goes on, so I completely understand about falling behind in blog following and posting.lol

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