There comes a time…

There comes a time in your life where you’ve seen enough, and you realize you have to make a decision. Should you share what you have learned, even if you fear they, ordinary people, won’t understand? Do you run and hide under a rock with your newfound knowledge to hoard it ravenously like an unearthed jewel?

No. The only human thing to do is share what you’ve learned, and allow others to derive their own meaning from it.

Life is made up of a bunch of tiny fragments of ephemeral joy. Small tapestries that, when pieced together, form into a great scene that may or may not have some significance in your human journey. Maybe these scenes, once revealed, mean nothing; perhaps they mean everything, and you will only discover this fact after careful study (and if your rational mind allows).

If your rational mind will allow, perhaps you will glean something wonderful from what I have to share. You may even find something in it that you can take with you on your journey – something that will put the chaos of everyday life into its crystal clear perspective. I hope this beautiful moment serves as a beacon for you – that you find in it as much majesty, as much purity, as I did.

Thank you.


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